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  • Carbon dioxide laser marking machine [Laser Marking Machine] Carbon dioxide laser marking machine

    Carbon dioxide laser marking machine combines advanced galvanometer laser marking technology and imported radio frequency excitation sealed-off CO2 laser, the laser beam through the beam expander, galvanometer, focus, and finally by controlling the galvan...

    Date:2015-08-05 16:27:02 Brand:Trust Laser Views:168
  • Semiconductor side pump laser marking machine [Laser Marking Machine] Semiconductor side pump laser marking machine

    It is a breakthrough change in the field of laser marking. This laser have low energy consumption, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, stable laser output mode, high reliability, small size, good marking effect, no supplies and other significant ...

    Date:2015-08-05 14:04:38 Brand:Trust Laser Views:177
  • <b>Optical fiber laser marking machine</b> [Laser Marking Machine] Optical fiber laser marking machine

    It uses optical fiber laser to output laser and realizes marking through high speed scanning galvanometer system. The optical fiber laser marker features high electro optic conversion efficiency, air cooling, small size, high quality output beam, high rel...

    Date:2015-08-04 16:09:30 Brand:Trust Laser Views:257
  • Laser wipe board machine [Laser Marking Machine] Laser wipe board machine

    Laser wipe board machine output laser,then through ultra-high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve circuit board cleaning function, compact machine,high electro-optical conversion efficiency, air cooling, good beam quality, high reliability, lon...

    Date:2015-08-04 16:08:24 Brand:Trust Laser Views:190
  • Semiconductor end pump laser marker [Laser Marking Machine] Semiconductor end pump laser marker

    Semiconductor end pump laser marker is the third generation laser marker system developed by our company with the most advanced technology in the world. It uses semiconductor end laser to output laser and realizes marking function through high speed scann...

    Date:2015-05-21 15:59:10 Brand:Trust Laser Views:117
  • CX30G flying laser marker [Laser Marking Machine] CX30G flying laser marker

    CX-30G online marking machine, a new off-line control system, and the ordinary coder phase comparison, has the advantages of small size, good stability, long service life,marking a clear, simple operation, convenient maintenanceetc.. "Windows" interface ...

    Date:2013-11-01 14:09:15 Brand:Trust Laser Views:204
  • Ulitraviolet laser marking machine [Laser Marking Machine] Ulitraviolet laser marking machine

    Ultraviolet laser because of the focused light spot, and processing and heat affected zone small, thus it can be for super fine marking special material marking, is of the kumite effect have higher requirements of customers preferred products UV laser has...

    Date:2013-10-31 12:02:03 Brand:Trust Laser Views:193
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