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  • CO2 laser (dual-head) cutting and engraving machine [Laser Cutting Machine] CO2 laser (dual-head) cutting and engraving machine

    Laser cutting and engraving machine designed for high precision carved face. There are two characteristics of high speed and high precision. The machine uses X-axis and Y-axis subdivision stepping system,with three full-imported linear guide, imported thr...

    Date:2015-07-17 17:42:08 Brand:Trust Laser Views:204
  • YAG laser cutting machine [Laser Cutting Machine] YAG laser cutting machine

    Metal laser cutting machine is the system integration equipment, it can cutting and drilling on metal or non-metallic sheet / pipe without contact. Particularly suitable for processing of stainless steel, iron, silicon, ceramics, titanium, epoxy, A3 steel...

    Date:2015-07-17 14:31:58 Brand:Trust Laser Views:197
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